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Walking Dead Glenn

Glenn's not looking so hot in one of these new photos for The Walking Dead. The AMC zombie drama is poised to return for the second half of its fourth season this Sunday night, and everything we've seen about the series leading up to its return suggests that the characters are not doing so well. Ok, that probably could be said for any given promo of this post-apocalyptic drama at any given time, but things seem worse than they've ever been headed into Season 4.5.

EW shared some new photos from The Walking Dead, including the one above, which shows Glenn looking bloody and exhausted, possibly just having escaped the grasp of the hungry walkers that can be glimpsed in the background. Is he in big trouble or did he just get out of it?

The site also shared this one, which shows us a new glimpse of Michonne and her pets, further hinting that she's back on her own again and has reverted back to her old way of staying alert and guarded...


And here we have Daryl Dixon giving us his trademark gun-and-crossbow show...


So manly.

You can view the rest of the new photos over at EW. They have a couple glimpses of what's going on with Rick and Carl, which I think might involve them hiding out in a house somewhere. The previously released Episode 9 photos indicated as much, including this one, which suggests Rick's not doing so well...

Carl and Rick

And then there's this recent promo...

Rick wants to get things back to the way they used to be. "Used to be" seems like a really flexible term, given how much has changed over the course of the series. Does he mean pre-zombies? Because... how? Or does he mean before they lost Judy and Lori? Because... how?

We'll hopefully have some better insight into what's going on in Rick's head when The Walking Dead returns this Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Et on AMC.

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