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One of the biggest stories coming out of this year’s Emmy nominations was the flippant broadness of the TV Academy’s rules for what series went into which categories. (True Detective is a “Drama,” but Fargo isn’t?) Looking to avoid all manner of category controversy are the Golden Globes, as new rules put into place by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have set specific “limits” on how series are classified.

The biggest change involves a category name, for Best Miniseries has now become Best Limited Series, which Deadline defines as “a program with two or more episodes with a total running time of at least 150 program minutes that tells a complete, non-recurring story.” On the flipside, the revised “Best Drama” guidelines say the category now refers specifically to series with an “ongoing theme, storyline or main characters” that keep up continuity and production supervision from year to year.

Many industry insiders, especially FX head John Landgraf, decried the Emmys’ choice to include True Detective and its cast in the Drama categories, as the prestige show shut other worthy contenders out. (To whom I say, “You should have created something that was better than True Detective.”) But I also didn’t understand why the HBO series wasn’t put into the miniseries category in the first place, as that’s where the similarly anthologized American Horror Story has carved out a cubbyhole. It must be encouraging for the Best Drama hopefuls that a series with a Minotaur in has never been a threat.


The HFPA was also under pressure by networks to deconstruct their supporting performer recognition into separate categories for comedies, dramas and limited series, but that change did not occur. (Do we need the Golden Globes to be any longer really?) This change also doesn’t address some series’ recent category change-ups, with Showtime’s Shameless hopping from drama to comedy at the Emmys. Orange is the New Black also entered Emmy consideration as a comedy, switching from its drama stance at the Globes. We’ll soon reach a time where there will different categories for “dramatic comedies” and “comedic dramas” and “dromedic commas.”

Just to mention it, the main change on the film side of the Globes puts foreign language animated movies into contention for Best Animated Motion Picture, rather than Best Foreign Language Film where they’d been placed before. Maybe one day we’ll have several foreign language film and TV categories.

The 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be held and televised on August 25. Does anyone out there think that True Detective will fall to another series?

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