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In case you missed it, (like I did), CMT’s version of American Idol, Gone Country’s first season ended. I guess I didn’t even know it was on. Julio Iglesias Jr. won the competition – did you ever see that hilarious SNL skit from the time Derek Jeter hosted? He was “Norberto”, not Julio Jr., but it was freaking funny. Back to the topic at hand…

Gone Country was a pretty successful little show, and the folks over at CMT decided to pick it up for a second season. Hollywood Reporter has the new cast of Has Beens who will be featured on the second season. This news is so new that CMT doesn’t even have it on their website yet, so here are some of the contestants for your perusal.

Chris Kirkpatrick (who?) – I see on Wikipedia that he used to be part of N’Sync. That’s why I don’t know who he is.

Jermaine Jackson – older, and slightly less crazy brother to the King of Pop.

“Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach, who recently competed on sister network MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar

Actress-singer Irene Cara

American Idol finalist Mikalah Gordon

And, actor Lorenzo Lamas, who recently popped up on ABC's "The Bachelor," on which his daughter Shayne is one of two remaining contestants.

Wow. Sounds like a “star-studded” cast. I’m kind of embarrassed for these guys. When the public is done with you, you need to just go away and live a semi-normal life in Boca Raton, (or where ever you want to retire). Stop trying to relive your glory days. You’re fall from grace is going to be twice as hard the second time around. Hey, I’ve got it… if they could just get Liza Minelli on board, I’m sure they’d have the highest ratings of the season.