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How I Met Your Mother once dedicated a whole episode to the “Bro Code.” The Bro Code is of course the code by which all bros must live by if they wish to retain the title of bro. HIMYM’s Barney Stinson lives by this code and so it’s only appropriate that he be the man to write the book on it… literally.

The Bro Code is an actual book that was recently released. It’s written by Neil Patrick Harris’ character Barney along with Matt Kuhn, who is credited as a script coordinator for HIMYM (and possibly the actual voice behind the text of this book). To give you a little taste of what the book includes, includes an excerpt from the book, part of which states:

“It is my hope that, with a better understanding of the Bro Code, Bros the world over can put aside their differences and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood. It is then, and only then, that we might work together as one to accomplish perhaps the most important challenge society faces -- getting laid. Before dismissing this pursuit as crass and ignoble, consider this postulate: without the sport inherent in trying to bang chicks, would men willingly have sex for the sole purpose of producing smelly, screaming babies?”

While the sample text is relatively hilarious, if you’re a fan of Stinson’s regular displays of utter (albeit strangely charming) douchebaggery, I recommend listening to the audio sample posted at (there’s a small sample button just below the picture). I think in the case of this book, it may be better to enjoy the audio version of it, as it’s narrated by Stinson (Harris).

Sure, it’s a bit early but I’m thinking this book might make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays or perhaps, a nice party favor for a bachelor party.

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