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Have Mercy: Full House Stars Reunite For Dannon Super Bowl Commercial

Nostalgia and Super Bowl commercials have been a winning combination in the past. Remember how excited we were when Ferris Bueller re-emerged for that Honda ad? Well, have mercy, because Jesse Katsopolis, Joey Gladstone and Danny Tanner — beloved uncles and dad from the sitcom Full House -- have reunited for an ad that's set to air during this year's Super Bowl. The above video gives us a little tease of what's to come. (Because teasers for Super Bowl commercials are a thing and have been for a while now.)

Nostalgia isn't the only thing that makes this team-up of Full House and Dannon's Oikos Greek Yogurt such a perfect pair. Those familiar enough with Full House likely remember that Uncle Jesse — and thusly, his three nieces, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle — was of Greek descent (as is John Stamos). So his appreciation for Oikos certainly suits him. Of course, this isn't John Stamos' first Dannon ad, nor his first Super Bowl spot. He's graced the Super Bowl with that charming grin of his and a spoonful of yogurt before…

But this one brings Stamos' Full House co-stars Dave Coulier and Bob Saget into the mix, causing us to wonder whatever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paper boy and evening TV. Am I right? Anyone else have the sudden urge to head down to the Smash Club to see if Jesse and the Rippers are playing tonight?

Beyond Uncle Jesse's fondness for strained yogurt and sports, the teaser indicates that the trio of men are still living together. And then there's the ominous screeching music, which teases more to come February 2, 2014, the day of the Super Bowl, when some people watch football and others tune in for the commercials and halftime show.

And because we brought it up earlier, here's that great Ferris Bueller Honda ad.

It'll be exciting to see what other commercials air during this year's Super Bowl. And we'll no doubt be seeing more teasers for big ads to come as the big game approaches.