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Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Ko'olauloa

I don’t think I can ever fit into Hawaiian culture. They care way too much about the environment, hate mainlanders, spend all their time at the beach, and have a freaky connection to the ocean. Thanks, but I’d rather share a kidney with my blackberry than the Pacific. So, no, I’m not really into watching people splash ashes while sitting in a circle of surfboards in the middle of the ocean. That was a weird moment for me. As you know if you watched the episode (and for shame if you did not), we start with another murder. This time its the CEO of a popular surfing company which has offended the islanders by ‘selling out’, as it were.

You’ve heard this plotline before, and I’m afraid that Hawaii Five-0 didn’t bring anything new to the table with this retread. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad episode, merely an uninspired one. The action and urgency, which is one thing this show has done excellently thus far, really wasn’t there in this episode. That ties into the fact that Kono (Grace Park) finally got her own episode. You know what they say about being careful what you wish for? Yeah, I get it now.

Grace Park, who I am sure is a lovely human being, really can’t act all that well. She doesn’t hold herself particularly well, and I just don’t buy any of her emotions. Kono could be a vaguely complex character, but she is portrayed fairly two dimensionally which hurt the emotional punch that this episode could have had. So I apologize for begging for a Kono-centric episode all these weeks, I suppose I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I will now petition for a Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) centric episode; because we all know that will work.

McGarrett and Dano manage to run around the island a few times, meet a group of island protectionists that amount to nothing more than a group of hot headed thugs, in my opinion. For whatever reason, they’re highly respected because they beat up mainlanders who disrespect the island. I think we should start beating up Hawaiians that come into LA wearing flip flops, just to see how that goes. Anyway, this led to the usual antics; which, I would not say are getting old, but would say we definitely need some movement in their relationship.

In fact, some movement could be used in all of these characters. It feels like the show is becoming so episode centered that it has forgotten to include an overarching storyline to the show. What happened to capturing the killers of McGarrett’s father? Where the hell did McGarrett’s sister run off to? Why hasn’t Dano seen Grace (his daughter) in a few episodes? Why has no movement been made on Chin’s checkered past as a police officer? There are plenty of storylines to tackle here, but they’re all being set aside to focus on Kono’s love life. C’mon!

The problem is that a lot of weight was thrown towards Kono’s connection with Ian Adams (the aforementioned CEO) because she used to be a member of his Coral Prince surf team. She supposedly saw him as a second father, which is funny, because you would never be able to tell judging from her reactions. Yeah, she was sad; but, she also hooked up with a guy that was badmouthing him a day after his murder. Then, she still wanted to bail him out when he became a person of interest in the case. I don’t have a lot of experience with coping with the murder of a loved one, but I’m pretty sure I’d be taking a different route here.

Regardless of Grace Park’s acting skills (or lack thereof), tonight’s episode managed to be a nice cure of the Mondays, as per usual. Everything turns out alright in the end - Kono’s boy toy did nothing wrong; but, as usual, someone involved in big business did. McGarrett and Dano manage to put everything together, and Chin shows up for extra fire power when necessary. All the pieces came together, and it’s hard to dislike a show that so consistently cheers me up week after week.