Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Season Finale

Tonight, Hawaii Five-0 showed how great it could be. With an emotional, character driven plot, plenty of action, a cliffhanger ending, and better than average directing, Five-0 was a cut above the rest in the finale of the first season - and it left the audience wanting more. Because the show tries to make every episode its’ own entity, the story arc of the entire show is thrown under the bus; therefore, many of the plot twists and emotional gotchas had to be explained in length in this episode.

A canon of the Five-0 rhetoric states the government can’t be trusted, so naturally the governor ended up being a super-villain after only one season. Okay, so perhaps the writers kept it slightly more subtle than that, but yeah, the governor took her place alongside Wo-Fat just long enough for her to get a couple of rounds through her chest to frame McGarrett near the end of the episode. It all started with the murder of the governor’s top aid, who Five-0 discovered was the informant sending McGarrett pieces of information from his father’s toolbox, the one someone stole earlier in the season.

Meanwhile, Danno kicked off the episode by banging his wife; which is scummier than the bottom of a tug boat, even if her new husband is an a-hole. Over the course of the episode his ex-wife persuaded him to come back to Jersey for god-only-knows what reason to start a new life with her and his daughter; then she really nailed him by revealing her pregnancy, which exists solely as a trump card to be used by manipulative women. Okay, okay, that was a stretch; but that’s totally the card she used. After agreeing to meet Rachel (his ex-wife) at the airport with Grace (daughter), Danno got caught trying to figure out what the hell was going on as Five-0 fell apart around him.

So McGarrett is framed for murder by the governor, and then framed for murder of the governor which leads to his arrest. With the governor’s death, Five-0 effectively ceases to exist thereby giving Chin a perfect excuse to bail on the team to take his old job with HPD at the last moment; just in time to arrest a framed, dazed, and confused Steve McGarrett at the governor’s mansion.

Kono did not escape the governor’s wrath, though. Busted for stealing the money needed to ransom Chin earlier in the season, both she and McGarrett are now behind bars with Chin effectively abandoning them in the aftermath. The only stable piece left in the puzzle is Danno, which is less surprising than a guy from Jersey successfully wooing an English woman. He’ll be left to pick up the pieces in the premiere of season two, which will air sometime next Fall. Join Cinema Blend again next fall as we cover season two of Hawaii Five-0!