House's Lisa Edelstein Heads To House Of Lies

While the cast of House of Lies may be a bit skewed toward males, what the Showtime series does have in the way of female actors is pretty great, with Kristen Bell and Dawn Olivieri among the leads. So Lisa Edelstein will be in good company when she joins the comedy for a multi-episode arc of the series' second season.

House of Lies stars Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan, the leader of a team of management consultants based out of Los Angeles who travel around the world helping their wealthy clients handle their issues. The series is set to return for Season 2 on January 13 and, according to TVLine, Lisa Edelstein will be appearing in Season 2 for multiple episodes, playing the role of Brynn, "a smart and sexy political consultant whom Marty encounters on one of his assignments." Will she get along with Marty or will she be at odds with him? Maybe both? He seems to have the most fun with people who fall under the "both" category (most notably, his ex-wife).

This is great news for House of Lies, not only because I'm sure I'm not alone in having missed Edelstein since her departure from House last year, but also because the actor's demonstrated range makes her a fantastic fit for a series like this, which mixes drama with comedy, something Edelstein's familiar with in her career. In addition to playing Cuddy on House, her TV credits include Felicity and The West Wing, and she also voices the role of Sharri Rothberg on American Dad. While we have her appearances on House of Lies to look forward when the show returns next year, Edelstein fans will want to tune in for tomorrow night's Elementary (Thursday, 10:00 p.m .on CBS) as she's expected to guest star in the episode ("The Long Fuse").

Kelly West
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