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NBC’s State of Affairs has dropped in the ratings since the drama initially hit the schedule in mid-November. Regardless, there’s one group that is certainly watching: the CIA. In fact, the CIA’s social media team has taken to Twitter on numerous occasions to discuss the show, and we’re not talking live tweeting. We’re talking live fact-checking.

State of Affairs stars Katherine Heigl as Charlie Tucker, a CIA-analyst whose job it is to brief the president about the biggest security problems facing the United States. Apparently, the lady ain’t too good at her job, because she hasn’t adapted to the tech 2.0 way the president gets his own briefings. Following an episode in which Charlie reads from a stack of papers, the CIA tweeted out this sick burn.

Yeah, that’s right, even the government is savvy enough to use tablets these days, NBC. While the above instance is actually a pretty amusing shot at the series, this isn’t the first time the group has gotten bitchy about the unrealistic nature of NBC’s drama, either. In another instance, the CIA derided the show’s portrayal of face-to-face meetings between agents and handlers, instead stating dead drops are the preferred method.

While it’s not like the CIA is hashtaging State of Affairs when it sneaks in these comments, a spokesperson told TMZ that it’s all about countering “popular myths and misconceptions” about the CIA. Because the average US citizen really cares about the way that the President reads sensitive information in the mornings...

This isn’t the first time the CIA has taken to social media to complain about all of the crazy CIA-oriented facts that the entertainment industry has gotten wrong. The Central Intelligence Agency has also spent plenty of time explaining the changes made in Argo that didn’t follow the real mission to extract US citizens from Tehran. There were numerous instances the CIA pointed out in that case, so I guess State of Affairs is getting off a little light.

You can catch NBC’s sometimes-accurate drama when it airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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