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How I Met Your Mother's Mother Is Getting A New Show, Get The Details

Cristin Milioti was already a big name on Broadway when she landed what may be the most important role in How I Met Your Mother’s history. After playing the titular Mother during the final season of the CBS comedy, Milioti hopped to the short-lived NBC comedy A to Z and then to FX's Fargo, where she was awesome but had a much smaller role. Now, it seems she’ll get the chance to play a leading lady once more, and she's sticking with FX for the brand new project.

The cabler announced the news this week, noting that Cristin Milioti is signed on as the lead in the currently untitled pilot. She’ll be playing opposite Nina Pedrad, who is known for her writing and producing work on New Girl and also for being Nasim Pedrad’s sibling. The project will actually follow four leads, two of which have still yet to be cast.

If the pilot moves forward, Cristin Milioti will play Maxine, an actress who works as a process server and who is described by FX as someone who, “who takes lemons and makes a fire out of lemons.” Nina Pedrad is set to play Maxine’s pal Natalie who is super smart and is in the business of selling drugs, despite the fact she would say she’s not in the business of selling drugs. The two additional characters that will flesh out the cast are Maxine’s gal pal Amy and her stepbrother Landis.

The pilot is just about young people figuring out how to navigate adulthood, which is really what a good chunk of half-hour comedies are about, but the reason I’m hopeful for this one is because the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia team is involved. Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, 3 Arts’ Michael Rotenberg and Nick Frenkel all have worked on It’s Always Sunny and will be executive producing this new pilot for FX. In addition Cristin Milioti and Nina Pedrad will also nab executive producing credits while Pedrad will pull additional duty as the showrunner on the potential comedy.

Originally FX--and now its sister network FXX--was built around comedy, but it's been the cabler's drama programming that has been more popular in recent years, with shows like American Horror Story and American Crime Story really making their mark in the ratings, and shows like The Americans and Fargo nabbing critical acclaim. People really seem to think well of comedies like Baskets, but the network could use another well-known comedy to build the brand. Maybe this project will be it.

We’ll let you know when Landis and Amy get cast and whether or not FX ends up moving forward with its latest pilot endeavor. Pilots often get made that don’t end up turning into TV series, but I’d really like to see Cristin Milioti get a win. For now, you can check out what else the network and cable stations have coming up with our TV premiere schedule.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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