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CBS is preparing us for the conclusion of How I Met Your Mother with nostalgic montage-y videos that fondly look back to the highlights of this long-running sitcom. And though I was able to resist the urge to tear up watching the above promotional video, which reminds us of the laughs, tears, hugs and high fives, I wasn't nearly as successful with this other video, which has the cast offering their thanks and farewells...

Jason Segel talks about how the cast has gone through a lot over the past decade and the same can be said for its viewers, I'm sure. Speaking only for myself, it's hard not to consider all of the time that's passed since we were first introduced to the slap bet, the amazing 90s college flashbacks, Robin Sparkles and other legen -- wait for it -- dary How I Met Your Mother stories and jokes. When a great series ends, it marks the end of a bracket of our lives where that show was a regular part of our week delivering smiles, laughs and in the case of How I Met Your Mother, sometimes even tears. HIMYM is a show I looked forward to every Monday for years. It's the only CBS comedy I've watched regularly over the last decade, and among my TV-watching slate, it ranks as "family" among the shows I'm most attached to. I have no doubt that I'm going to need tissues on Monday night.

But let's not get all weepy yet. See, there's a bright side to this series' planned conclusion and that's that we're going to see how Ted met his kids' mother. And after all the theorizing, I'm crossing my fingers that her story doesn't involve some tragedy between the met-story and the present day. Mainly, I don't want the mother to have died because it's been theorized to um... death, and essentially spoiled for us going into the finale if it turns out to be true. But if it plays out well, I reserve to withdraw that issue after Monday night.

In the meantime, I think it's worth celebrating How I Met Your Mother's approach to bringing Mother into the story and not forcing Ted and her to remain completely separated throughout this final season. While we have yet to see them actually meet, we've been privy to key moments in their relationship, which not only allows us to get to know Cristin Milioti's character better, but it assures us that yes, these two people are destined to meet and fall in love and get married and have kids. They're right for each other and more importantly, she's been worth the wait.

How I Met Your Mother has already succeeded there in offering Mother the chance to win our hearts even before she's technically won Ted's. By comparison to umbrella teases and whatever other carrot the series might have dangled in front of our noses all season by some other approach to the grand mother-meeting, they went the right way about this.

While I don't know that I'm convinced this forever-long wedding weekend was the right way to go about the final season, I do think HIMYM hit a home run in its efforts to incorporate the Mother into the story before Ted actually meets her.

For those who haven't seen them yet, we have some photos from How I Met Your Mother's two-part hour-long finale that will air on Monday night (8:00 p.m. ET on CBS). Check them out here.

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