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How Lost Characters Make Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches

Damon Lindelof is one of my favorite TV-related tweeters out there. He’s funny, he has interesting things to say and he doesn’t abuse the retweet button. He also occasionally shares interesting links. Today, the former Lost executive producer shared a link to an article that lists how certain Lost characters would make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

You’d think putting together some PB&J would be an easy task, but when looking at how some of the lead characters of the former ABC drama Lost dealt with the challenges they faced, it’s not all that difficult to see how someone could get creative with how they’d put together a sandwich. did just that and it seems to have gotten Lindelof’s tweet-stamp of approval.

Lindelof doesn’t frequently honk the Lost horn on Twitter, but he made an exception for this list, tweeting the link along with, “I try not to tweet LOST stuff unless it's absolutely necessary. This? IS.”

Here’s the one they did for Locke:?

Locke?1. Sit idly by, believing that the ingredients will find a way to make a sandwich out of themselves?2. Lose faith and make the sandwich anyway?3. Realize that you were the instrument by which the ingredients chose to make a sandwich after all?4. Run around the room and grab everyone’s knives, insisting that their sandwiches will do the same in time

Ben’s involves stealing someone else’s sandwich, Libby’s process has a really sad ending, and Claire’s is the simplest of all: “Mmmmm, peanut butter.”

The rest of the list is pretty funny. Check out the full article here.

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