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Season 5 of The Walking Dead opened with a brutal first few minutes. How will the sixth season of the zombie drama pick up? That question came up during the press roundtables at Comic-Con in San Diego, and from what Michael Cudlitz and executive producer David Alpert had to say, it sounds like Morgan plays a big part in that. Also, more zombies than we’ve ever seen in a single episode of The Walking Dead.

Major spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 5 ahead!

So, how’s The Walking Dead Season 6 going to begin? As Michael Cudlitz put it:
It always starts where it left off, doesn’t it? Even if it’s 6 months later.

Of course, the actor, who plays Abraham on the AMC zombie drama wouldn’t go into specifics on exactly how the premiere will begin, other than to say that Morgan’s perspective plays a part in where things pick up and the general mood of the show going into Season 6.
We left in a state of conflict. We had the big trial basically, the outdoor trial, we are definitely, potentially divided, not within our group, but within us and Alexandria. There seems to be a solidifying action and statement from Deanna, but then Morgan comes in and sort of a moral question of what the fuck did I just see, and I think as an audience, you’re going to see what the fuck he just saw.


What did Morgan see? Well, from our perspective, at the end of Season 5, Morgan walked in just in time to see Rick — with Deanna’s permission — put a bullet into Pete’s head, moments after Pete slashed Reg’s throat. But that’s our perspective. As Michael Cudlitz points out, there’s a moral question involved in all of this, so Morgan’s perspective on the matter could be very different.

Taken literally, this could mean we’ll see Pete’s execution from Morgan’s vantage point, but I’m inclined to speculate that this is less about a physical angle and more about how Morgan perceived the events that unfolded upon his arrival. There are a lot of blanks to be filled in about Morgan, and it’s possible The Walking Dead aims to begin with his arrival and eventually work its way back to whatever it is he’s been through between the last time he saw Rick and now. Taking what Cudlitz has said, and the trailer into account, no matter how the actual season premiere plays out, it seems like Morgan's perspective on what's going on in Alexandria is going to play a big part in things.

In the meantime, executive producer David Alpert added to that by mentioning hints from the comic book, and the appearance of what sounds like a lot of walkers.
I think there’s two things we can stitch together. If you read the comics, there’s a lot of hints, from what happened in the comic book and we also said there’s going to be more zombies in this episode, than in any episode, so I think that gives you a pretty good sense of, there’s going to be something happening.

Something happening. Lots of walkers. Is it October yet? Not quite, but we have this trailer to keep us warm and full of questions for the time being!

The Walking Dead Season 6 will premiere on October 11 on AMC.

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