I’m excited to lose weight, I think. I just can’t imagine what it will be like, if it’ll actually change anything. - Alistair

“Live Action Role Play” showed us each character seeking a little power in his or her life, real or fantasy. All of these kids came to Camp Victory to lose weight, but beyond that, they’re also seeking something else. Whether it’s love, friendship or confidence they’ve come looking for a way to feel accepted, which isn’t easy for everyone. Because even at Camp Victory, solely populated by a group of kids who’ve surely been picked on their entire lives, some still can’t help reveling in the ability to finally be the one throwing sticks and stones rather than deflecting them, making Alistair’s quote even more prescient.

People are still people, skinny or not, (Camp Victory is a clear example) so these kids need to find other ways to control their own worlds. Some of them do it like Trent and his buddies by cutting others down. Some just find it easier keeping to themselves. Some just try being good people who struggle to give bad news. Some look for others to reciprocate their feelings. Some seek out the cool kids. Some keep secrets about their family. And some create fantasy worlds as an escape.

Isn’t LARPing the perfect juxtaposition to the “real world?” Becca’s goal to create a land all her own was her form of controlling something even with her bookwormy and shy tendencies. And even though Wil took it over and morphed it from a beautiful vision in Becca’s mind into a big ugly melee, I got the sense that it was the first time most of those campers truly let go and became some dream they had for themselves. Ian dressed as a plant king. Alistair became a cat. Trent a warrior. Wil a gun-toting terminator. And Becky a beautiful, powerful and confident princess. And acting together they were able to take back a place they felt was their own from a group of “real world” douchebags.

Even if Doctor Rand encouraged the campers to “surrender” at the end in a move meant to make them realize fighting each other would never help anyone’s cause, I was glad to see Will pocket the white flag. It would have been out of character for her to surrender to anything, especially after she saw the power Camp Victoryites could yield when they actually did stand up for themselves and fight back as a group.

Will losing weight change anything for these kids? It surely wouldn’t be the worst thing ever to happen for them, but the weight issue is clearly just that, an “issue.” And it’s mixed in with a plethora of other problems these kids have because many have lost the ability to rule their world.

Other thoughts

- The problem Ian has with telling Alistair about his body odor is stunning in its simplicity. How do you tell someone they smell? And better yet, is it your responsibility? I struggled with Ian, and with the whole story line because man I just feel bad for Alistair. I’m not saying I would want to be friends with him, but I want someone to.

- This episode was a much needed step away from Willamina as we got to see new sides of some other side characters. Although Wil is still the primary focus, I felt we had more a panoramic view of the whole camp tonight.

- The addition of the Camp Lake Knolls “douchebags” was a bit over the top because of their Country Club cruelty, but offered another enemy outside of the ones sitting around the lunch table cutting down Alistair.

- Shay running a yoga session is like Tarzan working as church choir director.

- How long until we see a guest spot from Hugo “Hurley” Reyes? That guy was made for Camp Victory. He would have been friends with everyone.

- Poppy’s wake up song is the thing of camp nightmares.

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