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Hugh Laurie kicked his career off by starring in some of the greatest comedy series of all time, with Black Adder, Jeeves and Wooster and A Bit of Fry and Laurie. After many years of toning the chuckles down for the hit drama House M.D., Laurie is headed back to the land of sharp wits for a role on HBO’s standout comedy Veep. There is literally no other series I’d rather see Laurie join.

Of course, it’s entirely possible this excitement is overblown. HBO has confirmed to news outlets that Laurie will appear in the Emmy-friendly series for its upcoming fourth season, but it’s not exactly clear just how big the role will be. Actually, nothing is clear about the role, as Veep’s creative team is staying mum concerning details about his character. There’s a certain amount of frustration in not knowing how long we’ll get to see Laurie gestate in the fractured political world that Armando Iannucci has created. Maybe he’ll be like Kevin Dunn’s chief of staff and just pop in for some damned fine jokes a few times an episode, or maybe he’ll just nail one swift cameo.

There IS a rumor, according to the Baltimore Media Blog, who were one of the first to report Laurie’s presence with images of him filming (though it remained unconfirmed until today). According to the blog, Laurie will be stepping in as the campaign manager for Julia Louis Dreyfuss’ Selina Meyers as she enters her new career as President of the United States. Of course, the more optimistic among us would hope that Laurie would join the cast as Selina’s Vice President, thus becoming the character that the title is referring to. Is there a wishing well full of expletive-heavy vitriol that I can throw a penny into to make that happen?

As evidenced by Dunn and Gary Cole, Veep has done a fine job of developing the roles for its character actors. Sam Richardson, who plays Selina’s temporary campaign aide Richard, is the latest to make the jump from recurring to regular. Check out one of his first scenes below, which is still one of my favorites from Season 3.

This is the second amazing TV project Laurie has signed up for in the past couple of weeks. He’ll be starring opposite Tom Hiddleston for the AMC miniseries thriller The Night Manager. He’s also in Brad Bird’s intriguing sci-fi adventure Tomorrowland and Kim Burdon’s spooky animated flick The Canterville Ghost, so he’s got quality stuff happening on the big screen as well.

What character do you guys want to see Laurie playing in Veep?

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