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We've been told for years not to keep our hopes up about a return to television for Deadwood, the foul-mouthed Old West saga that made stars out of Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane and is definitely one of the top 5 shows that people are constantly telling you you need to watch. But McShane, who is out doing early rounds of promotion for his role in PIrates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is now fueling the fire of speculation, telling MTV, "You never know. Don't say no."

You can check out the rest of what he had to say in the video below, though be warned, it's kind of along the lines of the promises we've been hearing about an Arrested Development movie all these years: he and creator David Milch have talked about it, and McShane has a "sneaking thing in the back of my mind" that it will happen. Notice, that is nothing even close to a promise that it's actually happening. Honestly having gone through the Arrested Development movie ringer for so long I don't even want to report on this, especially since it's not up to Milch and McShane whether to return-- it's up to HBO, which cancelled the show to begin with. Anyway, if you prefer to believe that hope springs eternal, watch McShane in the video below. I personally won't be holding my breath.

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