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It's Heisenberg vs. Batman In Breaking Bad Rises Fan Trailer

Now that Breaking Bad is over, fans are free to imagine for themselves many other versions of the story, from what might have happened to Jesse after the final episode to Walter White's obituary. It's not limited to fans either, with a Latin American remake of the show already in production.

Some fan ideas are crazy, but some others-- like the one above-- are just too good not to share. What if Jesse Pinkman and Walter White were somehow in Gotham City instead of Albuquerque? Who would Jesse have turned to in his escape from Heisenberg but Batman? This quick, one-minute trailer for Breaking Bad Rises lays out a pretty basic and somehow completely believable plot. Heisenberg is a Joker-level villain. Jesse trains to become a worthy Robin. Batman and Robin team up to take down Heisenberg using… well, it doesn't get that far, but you can imagine Walter White getting lured in by all the high-tech gadgets at Batman's disposal and somehow that leading to his own destruction.

It's funny to imagine a live action version of this, not only because it would be completely impossible but because Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston, is the top rumored name to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming Man of Steel 2, which of course will also feature Batman. So as speculative as this Heisenberg vs. Batman video is, Bryan Cranston could conceivably meet Batman at some point… and then it's really only a small leap to imagine the Bats taking down Heisenberg's meth empire afterwards. Copyrights and contracts and a million other things will prevent that from ever happening, but hey, we can dream.

Watch this video of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading the "Felina" script for the first time below, pretend they're reading the Batman vs. Superman script instead, and let your imagination do the rest of the work from there.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend