Jason Lee Working On Skateboard Comedy Pilot For Adult Swim

In a conversation with the press today about his upcoming appearance in the hilariously charming Fox comedy series Raising Hope, Jason Lee also talked briefly about his live-action Adult Swim project.

Lee wasn’t very specific on the details of the pilot, however he did say that he would be starring and directing in it and that it takes place within the skateboarding world. As Lee was a professional skateboarder in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s and more recently “appeared” in more than one of Tony Hawk’s skateboarding video games, the premise seems fitting. It’s a live-action series that he hopes will be picked up and become one of the eleven-minute live-action episodic comedy series that Adult Swim is lining up.

Skateboarding isn't exactly a sport that's featured prominently in a lot of TV series. Lee commented on that as well as the twisted nature of the pilot, stating:

“It’s very twisted, it’s very out there being that it’s Adult Swim but I’m very proud that it takes place in the world of skateboarding because not much is done in that world, and so I get to play with that. We’re gearing up to shoot that in a few weeks, so fingers crossed.”

Lee also said he was beginning work on the pilot in a few weeks (in December). As someone who knows little about skateboarding but appreciated the offbeat humor of Adult Swim and just about anything Jason Lee does, my fingers are definitely crossed that his pilot is successful and picked up.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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