Wow. People must really love this guy. To be fair, I also think Jason Ritter is a wonderful actor, or should I say, could be a wonderful actor. I couldn't even get past the trailer for his last TV show, the now canceled, The Event, because it just looked so awful (even with him included). To feel better, I force myself to remember his good days on Parenthood and now, those good days are about to return.

TVLine reports that, after the cancellation of The Event, which is, apparently still looking for life on another network (good luck with that), Ritter was invited back to "reprise his role as Mark, the on-again/off-again love interest of Lauren Graham's Sarah. He's expected to resurface early into the show's third season." His return to the NBC dramedy will be for multiple episodes so be prepared to see a lot of 'will-they, won't-they' for a while... that is until his new pilot shoots and possibly gets picked up.

Yes, Ritter has also signed a development deal with Universal Media Studios (NBC's production arm),

"to star in a new series from — wait for it! — Parenthood and Friday Night Lights boss Jason Katims! Details on the new project are being kept under wraps, but an insider confirms that it will be - no surprise - an hour-long drama."

Well, you can sense TVLine's enthusiasm for this potential project and, who am I kidding, I'll probably end up tuning in as well. Side note, for those who don't know Katims' other show, Friday Night Lights, will end it's five season run next week (July 15) so he will have some time on his hands. Looking forward to both Ritter's return to Parenthood and this mysterious new project.

Parenthood returns to NBC on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 10 p.m. ET. It stars Peter Krause, Craig T. Nelson (COACH!), Monica Potter, Lauren Graham and Erika Christensen.

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