Jennifer Hudson In Talks To Judge American Idol In Season 13

Just a couple of days ago, rumors began circulating that Fox’s American Idol’s judging panel would likely look very different next season. Not only might all of the judges on this year’s panel be replaced by Season 13, but they might be replaced by former American Idol contestants, who would know exactly what challenges the new contestants must face each week. Now, former contestant Jennifer Hudson is actually in talks to join the veteran singing competition show.

We have known that Hudson, along with former contestants Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, and Clay Aiken have been approached to do the show, but if Hudson is actually in talks to do the series, it’s an indication that the former contestants idea is actually going to happen. Plus, since Smash is now over, Hudson should have a freer schedule to sign on for something as demanding as Idol. According to Deadline, Idol is likely going to revert back to the three-judge format it has used in seasons past, and if that holds true, not all of the above names would even have to say yes in order to have a complete former cast member judging panel.

There are definitely pros and cons to having former contestants on the show. On the one hand, the judges have the firsthand knowledge and understanding of what the contestants are going through and should be able to provide insights other famous names could not bring to the table. Still, the additions would be more than a little gimmicky and I’m not sure it would be enough to bring the show back from the ratings disaster that Season 12 ended up being. Still, Fox has got to try something and bringing back former contestants could work out well for the veteran show.

We’ll keep you posted if or when Hudson signs on to the series.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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