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Regis Philbin has been on television pretty much since the invention of the medium. Starting with small gigs at The Tonight Show before moving up to become Joey Bishop's assistant (and straight man) on The Joey Bishop Show, Philbin soon found himself in his first ever hosting gig and never looked back. He took over for Steve Allen on The Westinghouse Tonight Show in the 60s and has continued this tradition right up until, well two weeks from now. Who could possibly replace the Philbin?

Well, they're going to start with some guest co-hosts while they search for a permanent replacement and the first of said co-hosts is a little known name in comedy, Mr. Jerry Seinfeld. Deadline reports that Seinfeld will step into (sit down in) Philbin's chair in a three day stint to kick off the new Live! With Kelly sans Regis. After Philbin makes his departure on their November 18 broadcast, Seinfeld will step into the gig for three shows, starting November 21st, 2011. Some of the guests that they have already lined up for those three days are Jason Segel, Miss Piggy, Kim Cattrall, Howie Mandel and Jamie Oliver (so basically, a Muppets week).

Live executive producer Michael Gelman had this to say about the announcement, "Jerry is a great friend of ours, and a friend of Kelly's, and it doesn't hurt that he's an entertainment icon [...] It's a great way to kick off the new beginning of our show" I'll chalk that up to the understatement of the century. If you could net anybody to fill that spot, for that demographic, for this new kick-off, you'd be hard pressed to find someone better than the aging but still relevant comedian. Let's see him bring his hilarious observations to the morning stage. What's the deal with Regis retiring?

Live! With Regis And Kelly airs every morning until November 18, 2011 when it turns into Live! With Kelly which will continue to air in the same time spot. Watch her and first co-host, Jerry Seinfeld, starting November 21-23, 2011. Check your local listings for times (usually 9 a.m. ET).
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