JoAnna Garcia has been all over the place this pilot season, but it looks like she’s finally landed where she’s going to stay. She’s been cast as the new female lead in NBC’s Animal Practice; the comedy recast the role after the pilot and JoAnna, after jumping from ABC to CBS, finally wound up with the NBC gig.

Deadline says Garcia was cast in the lead female role on the series after Amy Huberman left the project, reasons unknown. She played the role for the pilot as a woman who runs an animal clinic where the veterinarian is her ex and not too happy to have her in charge. The vet, played by Justin Kirk, is described as the Dr. House of the animal world, a guy who loves animals but isn’t a fan of their owners. Bobby Lee (the funniest MadTV cast member in my humble opinion) and Tyler Labine are also appearing in the half-hour comedy.

JoAnna Garcia started the pilot season over at ABC on a project from the creator of her previous gig, Better With You, that didn’t make it to pilot. She then jumped right into the Greg Malins/Greg Berlanti pilot at CBS, which came close but didn’t get a series order in the end. So she has wound up at network number 3, NBC, where she’ll make it to our screens this summer in Animal Practice. That’s quite the ride, but makes it pretty clear she’s an in-demand actress with plenty of options.

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