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As How I Met Your Mother prepares to return for its eighth season next week, its hero Ted Mosby is, as always, still trying to figure everything out. In real life, though, the guy who plays him-- Josh Radnor-- is in a much more stable position. After winning an audience award at Sundance with his debut feature happythankyoumoreplease in 2010, Radnor returned to Sundance this year with Liberal Arts, a comedy in which he also stars as a man in his 30s who returns to his idyllic Ohio college to visit a former professor (Richard Jenkins), only to fall for a young undergraduate (Elizabeth Olsen) in the process.

But just because Radnor is now directing his own movies doesn't mean he's eager to cut ties with How I Met Your Mother, especially with rumors of an expanded ninth season always out there. When I interviewed Radnor at Sundance he talked about how How I Met Your Mother, and specifically creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, affected his sensibilities as a director, and how the show's sense of optimism about its characters also exists in LIberal Arts. Take a look at what he had to say below:

For much more from Radnor, on Liberal Arts and optimism and everything else, you can see our full interview here. I'd argue he's an much better director than Ted Mosby is an architect, and with its gentle humor and resonant characters, Liberal Arts should have a lot to offer for fans of the show.

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