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Joss Whedon made his name in television, creating shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, but in the last few years his career has been geared toward feature films. In addition to The Cabin in the Woods, which arrives in theaters at midnight tonight, the writer/director has The Avengers coming out at the start of next month and the Shakespeare adaptation Much Ado About Nothing in post-production. But will he ever find his way back to television?

Today I attended the press day for The Avengers and had the chance to sit down with Whedon one-on-one. During our conversation, I took the opportunity to ask if television was still on his radar. “It will be,” the filmmaker said. “I’m not developing anything right now because I’m super tired, but I love TV. It’s an extremely thrilling way to work. It’s not thrilling on a guy’s schedule, but I absolutely want to go back.” Prying further, I asked if the pressure of creating a weekly show was something that he missed. Said Whedon, “I like some pressure, but right now I think I’ve had enough. I’m full. Please, may I be excused.”

As excited as I am about all of the stuff Whedon has been doing in the movie world, I must say I’m pumped that he’s aiming to get back to the television game. After all, would you rather get to experience Whedon’s writing once every few years or every week? Right now it seems like the thing that's holding him back is his grueling schedule, but hopefully things will start clearing up so that he can start developing an idea. Perhaps someone needs to build him a time machine.

Look for the rest of my interview with Joss Whedon closer to the release of The Avengers only here on Cinema Blend!

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