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Love him, hate him or think he’s okay-but-nothing-special, Juno director Jason Reitman is a filmmaker that has built his low-key drama career living by his own guidelines. His next project is a refreshing step outside the box, as he’s teaming with Hulu for the comedy series Casual, which the streaming service will send out to viewers next year.

Casual isn’t buoyed by too exotic a concept, as it will tell the story of a dysfunctional family. The brother is a bachelor and the sister is newly divorced. They move back into the same house together and try to guide each other through the turbulence that is the dating world, both in real life and on the Internet. The press release also mentions that they are raising a teenager, which I’ll assume is from the sister’s failed marriage.

Obviously intrigued by this premise, Hulu ordered ten episodes of Casual straightaway, with Lionsgate Television producing and Reitman executive producing. The series will be written by Zander Lehmann, who is a newcomer to the writing game, but Reitman calls his work “hilarious and provocative” and says he’s the “perfect collaborator” for this project. Those are pretty big compliments, even if they’re for a press release.

A lot of Casual’s appeal will depend on what kind of a tone it takes. If it’s the kind of comedy that Juno utilized, without all of Diablo Cody’s quirks, that could work. Or even if it’s the sweet kind of humor that made Up in the Air work so well. Or even the satire-laced wit of Thank You for Smoking. His latest two films, Labor Day and Men, Women and Children, have left the comedy by the wayside in lieu of more emotions or whatever. Like these.

Though Hulu has been putting out original series for a while now, they haven’t quite reached the bulk of the zeitgeist yet. Luckily, limited popularity doesn’t connote a lack of quality. The reality TV spoof The Hotwives of Orlando is pretty damned amazing, while the half-improvised comedy Quick Draw adds much-needed laughs to the Old West. Seth Meyers’ animated superhero comedy The Awesomes is always a fun time and the BBC co-production The Wrong Mans is a wonderfully plotted comedy of mistaken identities.

Keep an eye out for more information about Casual, which Hulu is aiming to bring to audiences at some point in 2015. Watch it with your siblings and compare your lives.

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