Keegan-Michael Key And Casey Wilson To Guest Star On How I Met Your Mother

Last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother gave fans a number to go with their anticipation over when Ted Mosby will finally meet "the mother." 45 Days! If we're going by realtime, that's a few days shy of the Season 8 finale. Today comes word that two very funny people will guest star in that finale, which is set to air May 13. Happy Endings' Casey Wilson and Key & Peele's Keegan-Michael Key will be adding a little something extra to this season's closing episode.

Vulture broke the news today, stating that we'll see Key and Wilson in their guest starring roles in the Season 8 finale on May 13. The two will play a couple having dinner at the same restaurant where Robin and Barney just so happen to be dining. Beyond that, no details were given as to how they'll fit into the story, but given just how funny both actors are, we may be in for a real treat when the episode airs.

Key serves as one half of the starring duo on the hilarious Comedy Central sketch comedy series Key & Peele, while Casey Wilson makes us laugh as Penny on ABC's Happy Endings (airing on Friday nights on ABC starting this week!).

The obvious question is, will Casey Wilson be the mother? I'm going to go out on a limb and say probably not. It's possible though, especially when we consider Happy Endings' bubble status, which may open up Wilson's availability for starring or recurring roles next season. But given the potential for great humor and chemistry with her co-guest-star Key, I'm going to guess she's showing up for laughs and not much more. Then again, who knows?

Here's a great clip from last night's episode, as Ted and Barney sing a Billy Joel song with their future selves.

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