The classy one from Sex and the City is all set to star in her own NBC comedy. Kristin Davis, most recently seen in the Vince Vaughn vehicle Couples Retreat, will play a writer from New York City who spends a year hopscotching between various hypothesizes on how to be a happier woman. The story, based off a best-selling memoir entitled The Happiness Project, was written by Gretchin Rubin, but early reports indicate How I Met Your Mother scribe Kristin Newman will likely sign on to both pen and executive produce.

According to Deadline, The Happiness Project evolved into a blog after its publication, which Kristin Davis was a fan, which led us here, talking about the television adaptation.

I wasn't completely aware this existed, but now that I know, I have to say this sounds like hippy psychobabble bullshit to me. If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise. If you want to be happier, smile at all the little things in life. It's not rocket science, but apparently, it is a television show.

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