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As we reported back in April, the sixth season of Project Runway is moving from Bravo to Lifetime. Despite a Lifetime exec’s pledge “to keep the show exactly the way it is,” if host Heidi Klum is to be believed, our favorite design show is in for some potentially awful changes.

First up on the list is switching coasts. Since its inception, PR has been filmed in New York at Parsons The New School For Design, with the finales taking place during NY Fashion Week. When Runway moves to Lifetime, production will be packing up and moving to L.A. as well. To be fair, Los Angeles does, in fact, have a fashion week, but it’s a fashion week that nobody gives a crap about because it’s filled with like, Ed Hardy, tube tops, sparkles and clothing lines from the “stars” of The Hills.

According to an interview she gave with Forbes.com, the train wreck does not stop there. Laughing in the face of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Project Runway is getting a face-lift. "The concept will be the same,” she promises, but (and there’s always a but) “the look of the show will change a little bit." Klum doesn’t get too specific regarding the “little bit” of changes, but says that there will be “different catchphrases” and that the show will have a shudder “Hollywood flair.”

I understand that Lifetime needs to set itself apart from Bravo and make Project Runway its own, but couldn’t they have done that with, I don’t know, a fancier set or some new graphics? Moving to L.A. and injecting Hollywood flair into a show with Tim Gunn just seems wrong. Besides, have you seen him when he visits finalists who live in sunny climes? Tim Gunn’s skin does not do well in the sun, people! He will get sunburned and hot in his suits, and a show that makes Tim Gunn uncomfortable is not a show for me.