Sorry, You Can't Get Project Runway All-Stars Designs At JC Penney After All

Well, this is a disappointing way to close out Project Runway All-Stars. Season 7, the final season, just premiered on Lifetime. It's a global all-winners season, and the first challenge was won by two-time Project Runway champ Dmitry Sholokhov. His new take on a bohemian look, inspired by his home country of Belarus, was supposed to be available right away on That's how it was promoted during the episode. They said every winning look would have a version made by JC Penney and be on the website immediately. So when Project Runway tweeted a look at the winning design...

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... many viewers replied by asking how they could find Dmitry's design on JC Penney's website. Fans also wrote directly to JC Penney themselves, and got back a reply asking them to follow JC Penney and DM them so they could help. I did so, and got this reply when I asked about accessing Dmitry's garment:

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Obviously, that has indeed confused and frustrated viewers -- and must be particularly upsetting for the designers themselves. In addition to getting a $5,000 bonus prize for weekly winning looks, the idea of having versions of their designs featured on JC Penney's site was a major draw. After all, the designers flew to New York from around the world for the chance at more exposure, to promote their own brands. And this was part of what they were promised.

At the start of the 2019 All-Stars premiere episode, host/judge Alyssa Milano told the designers the show had joined forces with JC Penney, who would be providing accessories for all the designs.

... And [JC Penney] will be producing a limited edition version of the winning look every single week. After every runway, every design will be available immediately on

That's clearly not the case anymore -- since JC Penney just explained that it ended its collaboration with Project Runway after the taping of this season, and won't be producing any of All-Stars Season 7's winning looks. But it's why so many fans rushed out to find JCP's version of Dmitry's design. The JC Penney accessory wall was also featured in the first episode, and will presumably be seen every week, despite the end of the partnership with Project Runway.

The whole Project Runway universe has been shaken up of late, thanks mostly to the drama with Harvey Weinstein, aka the now ex-husband of judge Georgina Chapman. As part of the change, Project Runway Season 17 is expected to move back to its original home on Bravo. However, if there is a Season 17, it won't feature host/judge Heidi Klum or mentor Tim Gunn, who are making a new fashion competition show for Amazon. It's certainly the end of an era.

The Project Runway All-Stars champions season continues Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. Here's what else is ahead on the midseason 2019 TV schedule.

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