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It should be no surprise to you to learn that MTV’s new Teen Wolf series is more Taylor Lautner than Michael J. Fox. The show’s first trailer has arrived and mostly, it features a muscular, shirtless kid running around in the woods. It is sort of surprising, though, that at no point in this trailer do they even give the kid any facial hair. He is a wolf after all. Do girls really like their men this smooth and hairless? It’s kind of gross.

It’s also surprising that they’ve taken basketball out as the Teen Wolf sport of choice and replaced it with lacrosse. I’m pretty sure even if it’s played by a werewolf, teenagers don’t want to watch anyone play lacrosse, do they? Here’s the first trailer for MTV’s Teen Wolf:

Teen Wolf debuts on MTV Sunday, June 5, at 11PM ET. Celebrate by ripping off your shirt to reveal your hairless chest while you howl at the moon:

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