Matthew Perry Spoofs Angus T. Jones Video, Calls Him Crazy

If the Angus T. Jones religious testimony video has resulted in anything good, it has to be the crop of spoof videos popping up online. The latest to turn Jones’s rant against Two and a Half Men into a promo for his show is Matthew Perry, who goes even further in mocking Jones than videos we’ve seen before.

First to make fun of Jones was Rainn Wilson of The Office, who mimicked Jones plea that no one watch the show while obviously plugging it. But Matthew Perry has stepped it up with the Funny or Die video he created in imitation of Jones rant.

Perry starts off much the same as Wilson, asking people not to watch his show Go On, and calling it “an abomination”. But then he goes even further, claiming to have had such reiligous awakenings in the past and showing an “older” video of himself apparently converted to Judaism and begging people not to watch Studio 60, and points out how well it actually worked, saying “no one watched that show”. But he’s not done – he then mocks Jones’ awkward declaration that he loves black people, and perhaps best of all, then says he’s going to give back all the money he made on his last three shows (but not Friends, he isn’t insane) and says he’s sure that’s what Angus plans to do.

He is then joined by co-star Brett Gelman, who calls him out for being selfish and forces an apology from him with the promise of Percocet (Perry has had addictions problems in the past). Perry ends by congratulating Jones for being Two and a Half Men’s craziest cast member – a matter up for debate. Jones future on the show is still up in the air as we wait for producers on the show to respond to his comments, but meanwhile, it looks like others will be mining to controversy for laughs for some time to come.