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Get ready for a little bit of good-news/bad-news, Lost fans. We'll start with the bad: the NBC pilot Odd Jobs, which was supposed to reunite Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn well after Ben got done repenting for killing Locke, has been pushed back. But then there's the good news, which is that Emerson, according to Deadline, has taken the lead role in another J.J. Abrams pilot, the crime drama Person of Interest.

Written by none other than Jonah Nolan-- of the Christopher Nolan family tree-- Person of Interest will star Emerson as a mysterious billionaire who teams up with an ex-CIA agent to prevent violent crimes in New York City. There's no evidence the show is actually based around discarded script ideas from The Dark Knight, but it wouldn't surprise me, at least based on what we know about the show now.

Deadline says Emerson has also been offered the ABC pilot Once Upon A Time, and it's unclear if he might shoot both-- after all, you never know which will get picked up-- or stick with his old pal Abrams. I don't want to root against this project, since the amount of talent is unbelievable, but I am somehow hoping it'll work out and then still leave room for the Ben & Locke spy hour. After all the suffering we saw those two survive on the island, don't we deserve it?

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