Two and a Half Men has landed a pretty big guest star. On Tuesday, CBS announced that Mila Kunis will be joining the veteran comedy program for a special episode. The move marks the first time she will share the TV screen with Ashton Kutcher after starring opposite the actor on That 70s Show in the late nineties and into the 2000s. As it turns out, the gig has the potential to be a pretty steamy affair, as well, or at least a pretty comedic one.

Kunis is set to pop up in the Chuck Lorre comedy as Vivian, a gorgeous young lady who will show up on Walden’s doorstep. If you are wondering how someone just shows up on a doorstep, Kunis’ character’s description should shed a little light on the concept. She’s set to play a beautiful and free-spirited traveling type with the ability to get close to people rather quickly. Her charm will work on Walden, who immediately feels as if she is the one. The only problem? He’s already close to proposing to another lady.

A little over five years ago, it wouldn’t have been big news to hear Mila Kunis would be guest starring in a TV program. That was before her career really began taking off, especially after she took the role of Lily in Black Swan, leading her into a fairly lucrative movie career that includes roles in Friends with Benefits, Oz the Great and Powerful and Ted (although probably not a big role in Ted 2). She’s next set to appear in the Wachowski siblings’ film Jupiter Ascending. That’s a pretty big pedigree for a fairly young actress, and it means her turn on Two and a Half Men is kind of a big deal.

The gig is also significant because it means Kunis will be sharing screentime with her recent fiancé, Ashton Kutcher. The couple began dating just a couple of years ago, some time after Kutcher split from Demi Moore. The two should have no problem showing onscreen spark if that's what the role calls for, but I'm hoping we at least get a few playful barbs between the two characters.

Now in its 11th season, Two and a Half Men has changed quite a bit from the years, deposing of two of the show’s original leads. In recent years, Ashton Kutcher and Amber Tamblyn have stood in for similar-ish characters that were played by Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones. Even with all of the big changes, it should still be good to get some fresh guest-starring blood on the show, and the That 70s Show reunion also seems promising. CBS hasn’t yet announced which episode Kunis will appear in, but with only a couple more months of new episodes on the schedule, it’s bound to be soon.

Two and a Half Men is currently running its 11th season on CBS. You can catch new episodes on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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