Mindy Kaling’s untitled comedy pilot for Fox already has one good thing going for it; Mindy Kaling. Some star power has been added to the mix, as Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader and The Office’s Ed Helms are apparently both signed on for guest roles in the pilot.

Kaling’s pilot will have her playing an OB/GYN who’s trying to juggle her personal and professional life. Entertainment Weekly posted the news, stating that Helms, who plays Andy on The Office, in which Kaling not only stars but is also an executive producer, will play Dennis, a Wall Street analyst and potential love interest for Kaling’s character Mira in the Fox pilot. Meanwhile, Hader will play Kaling’s ex-boyfriend Tom, who’s described as “upbeat, humble, almost infinitely appealing boy-next-door type who has such perfect chemistry with Kaling’s character that it feels nearly too good to be true. Mira sees him as the living breathing equivalent of an early 80’s Tom Hanks.”

“Guest role” is the operative word here, lest anyone fear that this news means Ed Helms is planning to leave The Office, or that Hader is set to depart SNL. Of course, that is a possibility, especially for Helms, who according to Deadline, has not signed a deal (yet) to return to The Office next season. While the part of a guy who goes on a blind date with Kaling's character doesn't sound like a huge role, especially considering Mira is described as a "Bridget Jones type," which implies that single-life plays a factor in her story, perhaps the guest spot could be developed into something more, should things work out for Kaling's pilot (and not work out for The Office). The comedy already sounds funnier with Hader and Helms on board.

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