Modern Family Saying Aloha To Hawaiian Episode

Modern Family has already proven they can make anything funny. But there's one thing we haven't seen yet, and that's any of them completely outside of their regular and familiar environments. But all that's about to change. According to TV Squad, executive producer Steve Levitan revealed that the cast is filming a vacation episode on location in Hawaii next week.

Sometimes there's cause for concern when a television show packs itself up and heads to an exotic location. The rhythm often seems off, and the chemistry and humor can suffer as well. As a single-camera sitcom, Modern Family doesn't have to worry about the absence of an audience, and if anything I think this cast and creative team could actually find even funnier situations to put the characters in.

In fact, the premise itself for the trip is enough to pull out a few laughs. It all starts innocently enough when Jay books a romantic getaway for himself and Gloria, only to be surprised when he discovers that she invited the entire extended family to come along. I can just imagine the trouble Cam and Mitchell will get into, and the embarrassment Phil will cause his children ... and probably his wife as well.

As for Manny, it's hard to imagine what he might get up to as the typical kid stuff is almost always a bad bet. He'll probably fall for some older woman who'll think he's some local kid trying to earn a few bucks. And then there's Gloria, who will almost inevitably wind up in a bathing suit, and if that's not enough reason for any red-blooded heterosexual male to tune in then I don't know what is.