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Have you ever seen Dr. Sue on Oxygen? She is the resident expert on a show entitled Sex Talk with Sue Johansen, and if you haven’t seen it, you are running out of time. Dr. Sue just announced that she will not be doing the shows anymore. And, this Sunday will be your last chance to catch it, so make sure you set your Tivo!

For those of you who have somehow missed this show, Dr. Sue is a seventy-something woman (which is the same age as my Grandma…), and she loves nothing more than talking about sex (also like my Grandma…).

The show airs on Sunday at 9pm, and if you tune in you will get tips and visuals. Dr. Sue has these little dolls that she uses to demonstrate positions. Since the show is ending, I thought I’d give the fans a link to her site, just in case you have more questions. Click Here

Yahoo News revealed the big news today, and apparently Dr. Sue is just worn out by the schedule. “I'm going to miss it terribly," Johanson told The Associated Press. "It's been part of my life and I just love it. I'm going to miss writing scripts. I'm going to miss having to read books. I'm going to miss playing with sex toys."

Yup, she said it. She’s going to miss playing with sex toys. I can just hear my Grandma saying that now.

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