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Showtime’s Homeland just got a bit more intriguing, if that’s even possible. Word is, Morena Baccarin has signed on to join the upcoming thriller series. With the ABC series V cancelled, leaving Baccarin available to pursue other opportunities, it's great to here she's climbing aboard one of the more interesting sounding upcoming series.

Homeland is set to premiere this fall and follows Carrie Anderson (Claire Danes), a CIA officer who thinks the recently recovered prisoner of war Scott Brody (Damian Lewis) may be involved in a terrorist plot on U.S. soil.

According to Deadline, two weeks after ABC announced that V had not picked up for a new season, Baccarin, who played the “visitor” Anna, is set to take over the role of Jessica Brody, wife to Damian Lewis’ character Scott. Laura Fraser originally played the role in the pilot, however Baccarin has been brought in to replace her.

Fans of V are likely to see this as good news. I wasn’t much of a V fan but I loved Baccarin in Firefly and I’m predicting a very interesting dynamic between her and Damian Lewis.

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