This news slipped through my fingers last week but with the premiere episode coming, like, next week, I figured it might still be worth sharing. The NBC sitcom Friends With Benefits, not to be confused with the many similarly titled rom-coms (and one with the EXACT title), will be seeing the light of day after all, even though that day is much later than originally planned.

The TV show stars Party Down's Ryan Hansen (who plays a great dumb blond) and One Tree Hill's Danneel Ackles as, well, friends with benefits. Originally set to air mid-season (last year), the show finally makes its debut next week with back to back episodes. Yes. Next week. Back to back. And on a Saturday night no less. Not wasting any more time getting those 13 eps out there are you NBC?

Don't look for much support behind this one as no new promo materials have been released (but you can check out this year old post with the first clip!). As Zap2It reports,"if the network's lack of confidence in the series wasn't made obvious by its delayed premiere (it was supposed to launch midseason), the Saturday night time slot and back-to-back burn-off airing schedule speaks volumes." It sure does but who knows, it's not like NBC hasn't been wrong about a show before (Seinfeld barely made it past its initial four episode order).

So, look for Friends With Benefits on June 25 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. It stars Hansen, Ackles, Jessica Lucas (so hot), Zach Gregger and Andre Holland.

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