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A few months back, I wrote a story on Nancy Travis guesting on Grey’s Anatomy and bemoaned the fact that one of my favorite actresses never developed into a bigger name. She was so good in the underseen So I Married An Axe Murderer, but that was almost twenty years ago now. Turns out I may have spoken too soon. Not only has Travis booked a recurring role on the CW’s Heart Of Dixie, she’s also now attached as the second lead to arguably this season’s most anticipated pilot not involving Wonder Woman.

According to Deadline, the actress has officially boarded Tim Allen’s return to television. The ABC pilot is still untitled, but it follows the Toy Story star as he clings to the last gasps of manliness amidst a culture increasingly advocating femininity. Travis will play his devoted wife, a no-nonsense woman unwilling to be pushed aside yet still appreciative of her husband’s individuality. I wonder how she feels about wacky gadgets that blow up.

In case you were wondering, yes, Allen’s character will once again be named Tim, though this time his last name is Fitzgerald. Creativity at its best.