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In what is bad but not entirely unsurprising news, ABC's new drama Nashville showed a steep drop in the ratings from its first episode last week to last night's second episode. Chicago Fire also had some trouble in the ratings, taking its own nearly-as-steep dive. Of the three series returning for Episode 2, Arrow fared the best.

Last week, when we mentioned that Nashville did well for its first episode, bringing in 9 million viewers and a 2.8 rating, but that the series didn't do as well in retaining its audience from the first half-hour to the second. That seemed like a good indication that we would see lower numbers this week, and sure enough, EW is reporting that the series earned 6.8 million viewers and a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating. That's a 29% drop from last week, which is not good.

What could be to blame for this slide? For one thing, the mentioned retention issue last week suggests that some of the people who tuned in for the premiere weren't into it, so they didn't come back. And then there's the fact that the premiere had a Modern Family lead-in, with ABC airing two back-to-back episodes of the highly rated comedy to make up for the missed episode (due to the debate) the week before. Last night's episode had Suburgatory airing between Modern Family and Nashville, so the drama lost its significant lead-in advantage this week. And then there's the fact that American Horror Story: Asylum premiered last night. The highly anticipated horror-drama series (which happened to star Connie Britton in its first season) now competes against the other Wednesday-at-10 shows. So there's that, which might have played a factor in the drop.

What's probably not a factor is Chicago Fire. Though the series did better at holding its audience with its premiere last week, the NBC paramedic/firefighter drama was also down last night, bringing in 5.9 million viewers. That's a 21% drop from its premiere. So things aren't looking great for this one either.

The CW's Arrow did ok, though. Better than ok, really, when you consider how great it did last week with its premiere. The superhero-drama, which airs at 8:00 on the CW earned 3.5 million and a 1.3. It lost some viewers from last week, but from what EW says, most of that loss was in the 50-and-over demo. It might not have hurt Arrow that The X Factor was bumped due to the baseball game last night, eliminating some of the series' competition.