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Could Ned Flanders be Springfield’s own version of Dexter Morgan? You wouldn’t think so, but watch the video that parodies the Showtime series’ opening credits and you might begin to see the bible-embracing neighbor in a diff-diddly-rent light.

If you’re familiar with Dexter, you already know how each episode begins. We watch as the show’s lead character (and one of TV’s greatest anti-heroes) goes about his morning routine, doing a series of mundane things like shaving and tying his shoes. Close-ups of the acts add a menacing twist as Dexter ties his shoes, shaves, fries ham and slices fruit. Picture that with a Simpsons twist and you’ll have an idea of what was shown to Comic-Con attendees last week in San Diego.

Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive on the video and since they don’t offer a way to embed it elsewhere, you’ll have to head on over there to check it out. The hilarious parody is part of this fall’s annual “Treehouse of Horror” Simpsons special, which airs on October 30th and will have Ned Flanders serving as the local serial killer.

For some frame of reference, here’s the opening sequence to Dexter: