Netflix Adds Fake Arrested Development Spinoff Titles To Its Streaming Catalog

Somebody at Netflix has a sense of humor. With the launch of the long-awaited and highly anticipated new season of Arrested Development on the way in 2013, Netflix has added some funny (and unfortunately totally fake) new titles to its streaming catalog, likely to ramp up interest in the return of the show as well as to give viewers a laugh.

Among the phony shows in the Netflix streaming catalog discovered by Splitsider are Girls With Low Self-Esteem: Newport Beach (which actually says Orlando on the cover instead of Newport), Families With Low Self-Esteem, fake crime series Wrench, incestuous drama Les Cousins Dangereux , phony Bluth family documentary Scandalmakers, Ready, Aim, Marry Me, Mock Trial with J. Reinhold, Caged Wisdom a series promising George Bluth’s prison musings, Boyfights and World’s Worst Drivers.

Play the clips and you’ll enjoy scenes from old episodes of Arrested Development, and the jokes from them that led to the creation of the fake shows. I can’t find them anywhere in my Netflix newly added sections, but searching them by name will bring them up. Check out some of the funny phony artwork and descriptions for these fake shows.

"Based on his book, "Musings From Prison," George Bluth presents his latest collection of motivational discourses on the Jewish faith." (This one will take you to Season 1 Episode 14, Shock and Awww, which features George’s actual set of self-help tapes.)

"Pedestrians beware! Funny fender-benders and stupid sideswipes are all on display in this show that tracks down the world's most terrible drivers." (Season 1 Episode 8, My Mother the Car in which Lucille is featured on a fake Fox show by this name)

"All rise for host Judge Reinhold in this reality courtroom show, with music by American Idol's William Hung, as he puts families through mock trials." (Season 4 Episode 10 in which Judge Reinhold shows up to get his piece of the Judge Judy action)

Although it might have been funny to see some of these turned into actual fake shows, they're a great way to rediscover some classic episodes of Arrested Development and get ready for the new season next year.