It didn't seem possible but The Newsroom may have garnered more attention, and articles, than Girls. When HBO's new comedy from creator Lena Dunham premiered this spring, it was all anyone could talk about, but little of the chatter seemed to be focused on whether or not the show itself was actually any good. This time, however, all the attention surrounding the The Newsroom is about the quality, but that by no means there is any kind of consensus.

The conversation probably only persists because of how much "We Just Decided To" divided audiences. Love it or hate it (there was plenty of both and, if you missed it, here's the premiere so you can join a side), The Newsroom isn't going anywhere. Well, at least for another nine weeks. For those intent on continuing the journey, HBO has released a preview for the second episode of the new(s) series, "News Night 2.0", as well as two more "In Brief" promos.

The first, titled "Family of The Newsroom," is bookended by creator Aaron Sorkin and features every member (minus the yet-to-be-introduced Jane Fonda) of the large ensemble sharing how their characters are more than colleagues, they're a family. Working in breaking news affords the men and women very little downtime, so, as Sam Waterston puts it, "it gets all worked out in a kind of messy way in the workplace."

The second promo is called "Shooting the Show," and it might be the most fascinating preview thus far. The technical aspects and logistics of filming the The Newsroom are really interesting, and I didn't know that they shot everything simultaneously (essentially "live") in order to create that real broadcast feel. Seeing directors Greg Mottola and Alan Poul describe the process is really worth the watch.

The Newsroom airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET on HBO. It stars Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, Olivia Munn, Alison Pill, Dev Patel, and Jane Fonda. It was created by Aaron Sorkin.

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