Aaron Sorkin's new HBO drama series The Newsroom is just a few episodes into its first season, and word is, there are already some pretty major shakeups happening with regards to the writers room. Recent reports are stating that most of the writers have been let go for the series' second season.

While Sorkin's new cable news-set drama series has already had its fair share of criticism, I've been enjoying the series, which is fully of snappy dialogue and an interesting, dramatic approach on how the news is delivered and received by the masses in today's society. So while it's not hugely surprising that there might be some changes made among the writers between seasons (it's probably not all that uncommon), it's a bit disconcerting to hear reports that most of the writers for the series have been let go. According to TheDaily.com, most of the writers ("except for Sorkin's ex-girlriend [Corinne Kinsbury]") will not be coming back for Season 2.

Entertainment Weekly says HBO has confirmed that the show "is getting rid of some of the scribes.":
“Every year each show reassesses the needs of its writing staffs,” HBO said in a statement. “This process is nothing out of the ordinary.”

It still sounds a bit more drastic than say, letting one or two go and bringing one or two new writers on.

HBO's The Newsroom has aired four episodes so far, with six remaining in its first season. It received an order for a second season earlier this month after only two episodes had aired. It should be interesting to see what other news comes from this situation, including which writers are brought on board for the second season, and whether there are further details on the decision to let the other writers go. In other words, "more as this story develops…"

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