Reality TV shows may be past their heyday, but that hasn’t stopped VH1 from bringing a reality veteran back to the small screen. A few months ago, the former music channel signed on Nicole Richie for #CandidlyNicole, a new series based on Richie’s Twitter feed that will also focus on her daily life and relationships. While that doesn’t seem like a particularly focused viewpoint, VH1 has finally released an official trailer for #CandidlyNicole, and it’s pretty, well, candid.

In the preview, we get to see Nicole Richie tackle “big issues.” She discusses topics like exfoliation, being Jewish, the Japanese, eggs and losing sight because of wearing side bangs. If this were 2008, I’m fairly certain Richie’s straight-shooting manner of talking would be all the rage. As it stands, it is 2014 and this is probably the best idea VH1 has had in a while. There is one amusing spot in the trailer. The pint-sized Richie has somehow managed to end up in the same place as a baseball team. We have no idea what the situation is, but she asks the kids, “Now this is off topic, but have any of you seen Indecent Proposal?” After the nearly 3-minute long trailer, I’m reminded why Richie is often better in 140 characters or less doses.

Still, her fans should be happy to see her back on TV with #CandidlyNicole, and the # should make it easier for people to Tweet about the new reality series. Like her online series of the same name, #CandidlyNicole use Richie’s out-of-control, tongue-in-cheek opinions to bring entertainment to the masses. Eight half-hour episodes of the series are being produced for its first Season, which will air on VH1 beginning next month. The premiere episode is scheduled to air on Thursday, July 17.

Nicole Richie is probably most known for her years on the early reality hit The Simple Life, but more recently, she’s managed to stay in the limelight by having a keen interest in the fashion industry and writing. She’s penned a best-selling book called The Truth About Diamonds and she currently serves as the creative director for the trendy accessories brand House of Harlow 1960. In the television realm, she also recently served as a mentor on the reality competition series Fashion Star, which was worse than Project Runway but was not the worst thing on television. That’s probably more than we can say about #CandidlyNicole, though reserve official judgment until you’re able to see at least one full episode. Some of the weirdest reality television shows work, and it would be a shame to write off a winner simply for having a mediocre vibe.
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