PBS' Jim Lehrer took some heat for his moderating techniques during last week's 2012 Presidential Debate. Perhaps ABC News' Martha Raddatz will do better at keeping things on track during tonight's Vice Presidential Debate. With that debate set to take place tonight and the next Presidential debate set to take place next week, we got to thinking about some TV characters who might make good moderators.

Lehrer may have been a bit too polite to handle Mitt Romney's aggressive debating strategy last week. We'll have to wait and see how Raddatz does when Joe Biden and Paul Ryan face off tonight. In the meantime, here are some TV characters we think would dominate as moderators at a debate. Some are likely to be more affective than others, and some would just be there for the entertainment value.

Community - Garrett
Now that Greendale saved Garrett, yes that is 'Saved Garrett,' we should take advantage of his skills. The more than awkward student handled himself well as the moderator for the Model U.N. with his high-pitched squeals commanding the attention of all heads of state during the community college event. Ding! CRISIS ALERT!.

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