The ratings haven’t looked stunning for Pan Am, but with a few swift changes and some crossed fingers, that shouldn’t affect the series from getting a back order from ABC. The program, which only posted a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic during last night’s episode, is about to add a big name showrunner to shake things up.

Steven Maeda will be taking over as showrunner for Pan Am. Maeda has been serving as a producer since the early 2000s, beginning as a co-producer on CSI Miami. His more recent stints as an executive producer and showrunner include CBS’ Miami Medical and Fox’s Lie To Me. Pan Am will be his first gig on a period show. However, if he could handle being a co-executive producer and a writer on Lost, I’m sure he can handle sex, spies, and airplane issues.

If you are a fan of Pan Am and the ratings mention in the first paragraph freaked you out a little, don’t be too worried about the back order. Honestly, Sony Pictures TV and ABC have been promoting the hell out of the program. In its first weeks, the darling actresses on the show appeared in video segments on Jeopardy!. Plus, Pan Am does well on DVR. Hopefully, we can expect a back nine order in the next few weeks. According to Deadline the network is just waiting to hear from its new showrunner before they make any hasty decisions.

If you love Pan Am, you can help by tuning in Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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