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Patrick Stewart’s time on Star Trek: The Next Generation will arguably define his career. While he has always inhabited iconic characters, ranging from the dignified Charles Xavier, to the certifiably insane Avery Bullock on American Dad, the British actor’s tenure as Captain Jean-Luc Picard will continue to find ways to influence his career.

Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Ames recently sat down with TVLine to discuss their new Starz series, Blunt Talk: a comedy about an alcoholic, degenerate newsman named Walter Blunt. While discussing Blunt Talk, Stewart and Ames spoke out regarding the confirmed cameo of actor Brent Spiner on the upcoming comedy. Ames continued to elaborate on the possibility of including more Star Trek cameos in the future,
I wanted to, because one night I had drinks with Patrick and his crew, and they were all such interesting individuals, and I immediately thought of Brent [Spiner] as a melancholy piano player, because he is a piano player, a musician…. I wasn’t able, timing-wise, to have the other guys on. Then, the other night at the premiere, I met LeVar Burton, and I’m like, I’ve got to work some of these people in.

Audiences perhaps best remember Spiner as the android Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation alongside Stewart himself.

It speaks not only to the cultural impact of Star Trek that these actors and would be so willing to reunite on-screen, but also to their understanding of that impact on those who adore them. Men like Stewart and Ames seem to comprehend the esteem with which Trekkies hold that universe, and seek to honor that type of loyalty. Star Trek alumni seem to continually find ways to attempt to pay it forward – ranging from Jonathan Frakes desire to direct the next Star Trek movie, or even William Shatner hosting an entire Star Trek themed cruise for the most die hard of fans.

In the case of an actor like Stewart, while he may have gone on to achieve fame in the roles of other famous characters, such as the aforementioned X-Men series, it does not elevate him above appreciating the value of reuniting with TNG cast mates. It also makes sense from a marketing perspective, as these cameos could draw in viewers who would otherwise not feel inclined to sit down and watch Blunt Talk. With that in mind, let’s not rule out the possibility of seeing Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) or Worf (Michael Dorn) walk into the life of Walter Blunt anytime soon.

Blunt Talk premieres Saturday, August 22 on Starz

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