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If the recent casting news about the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot has you excited, well, your day is about to get even brighter. Creator and former MST3K host Joel Hodgson has announced that comedian Patton Oswalt will join the new cast as the son of TV’s Frank.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter website announced the news that Patton Oswalt has agreed to take on the role in the new series. Oswalt’s character will be known as TV’s Son of TV’s Frank. The part requires him to play the new Evil Henchman on the reboot, an important cohort to another newly established character, Kinga Forrester (Felicia Day).

On the original show, the Forrester’s were responsible for taking an unsuspecting janitor and launching him into space. The mad scientists then forced him to watch bad movies for months (and years) on end, to see how long it would take to drive a person crazy from such exposure. In the first iteration of the series, our host Joel (Joel Hodgson) was joined only by the four sentient robots he managed to create while trapped on the ship, known as the Satellite of Love.

Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt has racked up an impressive list of film and television credits since his first acting gig in 1994. The popular comedian has appeared on a whole host of well-respected shows, in parts that show off his smart (and smart ass) everyman qualities. His resume includes parts on TV shows like Mr. Show with Bob and David, The King of Queens, Reno 911!, United States of Tara, Bored to Death and Justified. He’s also done voice over work for several video games and animated shows, including BoJack Horseman, Word Girl, Axe Cop and Kim Possible.

Patton Oswalt is a well known lover of all things geek, so it’s no surprise that he’s a big fan of MST3K and embraces the history of the show. Joel Hodgson used the show’s Kickstarter page to detail how he came to the idea that Oswalt would be a great fit for his reboot. He first came to Hodgson’s attention 14 years ago, while providing live commentary for the MTV Awards. Hodgson says that Patton was on his early list of possible writers for his new version of MST3K, since he was aware of Oswalt’s fandom, which mostly came from him moderating the 20th anniversary panel of the show at San Diego Comic Con.

While coming up with ideas for the new series, Joel Hodgson began to imagine Patton Oswalt dressed as TV’s Frank. Hodgson then went on to bite the bullet and ask Oswalt what he thought of appearing on camera as a newly created character. And, obviously, the answer was a resounding yes. Now it looks as though Oswalt will serve as a special writer for the show, as well as fulfilling the on camera duties of TV’s Son of TV’s Frank.

When the Kickstarter funding has closed and production begins on the MST3K reboot, Patton Oswalt will join actress Felicia Day as the new mad scientist (or, Mad, in MST3K parlance) and Nerdist Podcast host Jonah Ray as the new host and unsuspecting victim of the show. As with any reboot or continuation of a cult favorite like this, some people are loving all this casting news and some are hating each of Joel Hodgson’s choices with a passion that keeps them awake at night. I suggest we all just take a breath, trust the show’s creator to do right by it, and wait until new episodes air to make any final decisions. Let’s at least give it more of a shot to impress us than any of those shoddy B-movies Joel had to watch.
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