Not one to be outdone by Ron Burgundy’s recent media blitz (what with his hosting SportsCenter with Champ Kind and all), Paul Rudd has joined in on the Anchorman 2 promotional game with a stint on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. In what will be his third time hosting the sketch comedy series, Rudd will be joined by the cherubically British crooners of One Direction. OMG, sound the alarms, raise the white flags, and release the tweens because it’s time for an invasion!

At least, that’s the sort of reaction that Rudd and his promotional video co-star, Vanessa Bayer, are wont to have about Simon Cowell’s little boyband that could. Upon hearing that the musical guest for the December 7th episode, Bayer is taken aback by the news and asks Rudd, “They’ll be here? Right here in this building, like where we can talk to them?” Bayer lights up at the confirmation before screaming, “I just love the band One Direction!”

Realizing that it’s actually the band — yes, that band, Paul! Gosh! — Rudd cranks shit up to eleven and freaks right the hell out: “The band? The band with the hot British guys? Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam?” After a few seconds of screaming into a pillow, Rudd unleashes his total hysteria in a fit of jumping and spazzing out before shrieking, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god I’m fangirling!” Take note: this is how to fangirl like a professional.

But, of course, it wasn’t all about the musical guest — Rudd does have a big time movie to promote, so naturally, there were a few quips about the highly anticipated sequel. “So Paul, did you do any research for your upcoming role in Anchorman 2?” Bayer asked. “Yeah I got up close and personal with a real live news team — sometimes a little too close.” And what does that mean, exactly? Well, Rudd’s staying tight-lipped about it: “That’s between me and George Stephanopolous.”

Two of the clips even managed to play into the zanier, more absurdist nature of SNL. First up, a bit of crazy driving, thanks to a little help from their friend, Mr. “Movie Magic.” And as the duo fade into American flag, you can’t help but be impressed. There was also a bit of freezing-in-place while the entire studio shut down around them. Oh, the skill available to you when you work on a high stakes, late night comedy show.

Paul Rudd hosts Saturday Night Live this Saturday, December 7 at 11:35PM on NBC.

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